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Coach Pitch

U8 Coach Pitch - In House League, 1st and 2nd graders

Grade at registration – 1st and 2nd, (older 2nd graders may opt to play up) *Teams are announced at the end of April/early May.

Goal: Our goal is to have fun while adding more elements to their game for continued development.

  • Focuses should be on expanding knowledge of hitting, base running, throwing, defense.

  • Introduction to the basics of pitching and catching.

  • Once the team has been introduced to the proper catching mechanics:

    • a player may choose to catch during a game and must wear OYS helmet, facemask, and chest protector.

League: this is primarily an in-house league. *Some possible participation from close neighboring communities. Travel would be very minimal.

Season: End of May-July.  Coaches may opt for additional practices at the team's discretion and field availability.

Field Location:  Brooklyn, Legion Park.

Coaches: Parent coach from a roster of players (training provided).

Equipment needed:

  1. Glove

  2. Softball/soccer cleats are recommended

  3. Helmets and bats available to use if you don’t have your own

  4. *Balls are provided (10” softie softball)

Game length: 60 minutes. No new innings started after.

Hitting: 5 pitches, if no hit, then hit off the tee. No walks.

Pitching: Coach or Assistant coach will pitch, and the coaches are also the “umps” (close call/tie goes to the runner).

  • Must wear a helmet to bat and run the bases.

  • If a player gets out, they go back to the dugout, (a change from t-ball in order to promote progression in learning the rules of the game.)

  • Play stops when the ball gets back to the pitcher.

  • The inning ends with 3 outs or once through the batting order.

  • Batting order stays the same for the whole game (but should change game to game.)

Fielding: players shouldn’t play the outfield two innings in a row if possible, rotate positions each inning. Can play with 4 in the outfield, and 1 player at the pitcher's position as the coach pitching will not field the ball. *Coaches are allowed on the field for defensive assistance and coaching.