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What Level Should My Player Be In?

Players birth years are used determine what level a player plays in.  Please see our age chart below.

*Our recreational teams that participate in the Rec League are formed based on grade, not birth year.  

Families choose what league they wish to play in based on time & player commitment.   


What League Should My Player Play In?

Please see more information on our League pages - links below!

T-Ball 4K-1, (1st graders who have played t-ball before may want to move on to U8 coach pitch.) 

Coach Pitch (U8) 1st and 2nd graders

Recreational League (U10 +) The Greater Dane Rec. League consists of leagues from 10U-14U, 3rd-8th  graders (minimal travel to nearby communities.)

Travel Tryout for one of our U10 or U16 travel teams (Rec is always still an option if after tryouts you choose that route.)


How Much Does it Cost?

Youth Softball has a tiered cost program based on age and league and how many tournaments the teams commit to playing.  

T-Ball: $70* 
U8 Coach Pitch: $70*


U10:  Recreational Teams: $135* (T-shirt game jerseys are supplied with registration)
Competitive: $135* + Tournament & Uniform fees
Helmets, facemasks, gloves, black pants, orange belt, cleats are supplied by families.  

Recreational Teams: $135*
Competitive: $135* + Tournament & Uniform fees


Tournament fees can range from $350+ depending on # of tournaments and if there are paid coaches.  Typical cost per tournament is $30-$40 per player. 
Helmets, facemasks, gloves, black pants, orange belt, cleats are supplied by families.  

*Fees may change 

Parent Softball Equipment Tips - What my child needs for equipment and when

Guidelines for purchasing equipment:

For t-ball and U8 play, many kids choose to wear tennis shoes, though plastic cleats are allowed. U10 and U12 players should have plastic softball cleats, which can be purchased for ~$30 or less at a sporting goods store. For U10 and U12 rec players, soccer cleats are also acceptable. U14-U18 players typically choose to wear metal cleats.

T-ball and U8 players can use any appropriately-sized glove. When players reach U10 and use an 11” ball, t-ball gloves and smaller baseball gloves can be challenging due to their small size. Sporting goods stores such as Dick’s have a separate section for softball gloves, which accommodate an 11” (U10) or 12” (U12-U14) ball. has a useful chart for determining glove size (scroll down to the Fastpitch Fielding Glove Sizing Chart).

Many t-ball and U8 players use t-ball bats, which are great due to their short length and lightweight. U10 and above players should have a fastpitch bat. If playing U10-U18 travel and tournament ball, players will need an ASA/USSSA-approved bat. has an excellent buyer’s guide with a calculator to determine the ideal bat length/weight for your child.

Fielding Mask
Certain U10 and above teams may require that players wear a fielding mask. Even if not required, it’s strongly recommended that players wear a mask, especially when playing infield. Younger players may prefer a lighter plastic mask such as the Defender Series, while most older players prefer a metal mask such as the Schutt or RIP-IT models.

Batting Helmet
Helmets are provided for t-ball and U8 players, although you may choose to get your own.  At U10 rec we encourage players to have their own helmet, but we do have extras to provide as necessary.  Travel and tournament teams U10 and above should have a helmet with a full face mask. RIP-IT, Mizuno, Rawlings, and Adidas are all good options for players seeking a safe, comfortable helmet.

Where to get equipment: