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T-ball 4K-1, (1st graders who have played t-ball before may want to move on to U8 coach pitch.) 


At this level, our goal is to provide a fun and valuable introduction to the game of softball. Focuses should be on teaching kids the basics of base running, positions, hitting, throwing, and general knowledge of the game.

Parent Coaches are selected;  help from other parents is welcome and encouraged!

Equipment needed: 

  • Glove 
  • Softball helmet
  • Tennis shoes / Softball or soccer cleats are allowed
  • *Bats, helmets, and balls are provided if they don't have their own

Game length is 55 minutes

Hitting Rules:  A tee is provided to hit. If a coach would like to pitch to a player that's also fine, but after three pitches the player must hit off the tee to keep the game moving.

A helmet is required to bat and run the bases.

Both teams bat around each inning, with the last batter hitting a "home run" to clear the bases.  There should be new line up each inning. 

The batter can take extra bases if the ball clears the infield.

All batters may run the bases each time if they'd like, even if an out is made. 

Fielding: players shouldn't play the outfield 2 innings in a row if possible, rotate positions each inning.

Coaches are allowed on the field for defensive assistance and coaching.

If the field is too wet, T-ball can be played in a grassy area using cones/bases.